Orchid Show Dates 2019/2020

In case you want to persuade your orchids to bloom at exactly the right time (Good luck with that!), here are the dates of Shows at which our Society intends to enter displays–and for which we will be requesting members to lend their plants:

Central Ontario Orchid Society (COOS) – September 28-29, 2019

Windsor Orchid Society – October 26-27, 2019

Southern Ontario Orchid Society (SOOS) – February 8-9, 2020

Orchid Society of the Royal Botanical Gardens (OSRBG) – February 29-March 1, 2020

London Orchid Society – March 21-22, 2020

Toronto Artistic Orchid Association (TAOA) – April 18-19, 2020

Ottawa Orchid Society – April 25-26, 2020

The usual procedure is to request members to bring their orchids to the RBG greenhouse on the THURSDAY preceding the show. Orchids should be free of bugs, staked for safe travel and be properly identified as to their own name and their owner’s name, with two lists so that they can be registered for the show and returned to the correct box after the show.