OSRBG outreach AOS awards: Jan 18, 2015

OSRBG outreach AOS awards:  Jan 18, 2015

The AOS judging that was held at the OSRBG monthly meeting had 4 plants awarded.

Dendrochilum parvulum ‘Tom’s Favorite’ CBR, CCM 89

Mediocalcar uniflorum ‘tomato’ CBR ( Provisional pending ID)

Oncidesa Mayfair ‘Trinity’ AM 80    – (Oncsa. Fuchs Gold X Oncsa. Gower Ramsey)

Cycnodes Amalia Savva  ‘B – C’ AM 83 – Mormodes Ignea x Cychnoches lehmanii


Windsor Show Results


We took 23 plants to the Windsor Orchid Society show. We won 21 ribbons on the plants plus a 1st. for display.

Sherry and Peter Decyk had a great day as follows:

Coelogyne rochussenii won best of show, best in class and best specimen

1st Dendrobium Andree Millar
1st Xylobium variegatum
1st. Lc. Angel Heart ‘Ann’ X Lc. Puppy Love ‘Kuroda’
1st Bulb. Rothschildianum also best in class
1st Cat. Bowringiana [High Blue x Blue Smoke HCC/AOS

Lynda and Pat Vuurman

3rd Howeara Chiam Tzy Lovely ‘Red Bug’
2nd Phrag. Peruflora’s Saltimbanco [ this plant was also pulled for AOS judging but not awarded at this time]
3rd Phrag. wallisii
2nd. Cymbidium sinese
3rd Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi

Wendy Hearder-Moen

2nd Beallara Eurostar [ this plant was also pulled for AOS judging but not awarded at this time]

Cindy and Ben Boers

2nd Paph. Pulsar X [Cyperspace x charlesworthii]
1st Galeandra liptoceras
3rd Paph Recovery
3rd Pot. Free Spirit x LC Golden Tangerine
1st. Dtps. Surf Song ‘mor’
1st. Phalenopsis [no name] Also Cindy got best in class for no name plants.


1st Bc. Deese Charles
2nd Bc. Deese Charles [specimen plant]
1st for Society display 15 to 25 plants.

Thanks to Wendy, Pat & Lynda, Sherry & Peter for supplying plants for the display. Also Pat & Lynda for helping with setup and take down.

Ben Boers

COOS Orchid Show Results

as reported by Pat Vuurman

The Fall show season began with the COOS show in Cambridge at the Hespeler Arena complex on the last weekend of September.  As usual the set-up and plant registration happened on Friday afternoon ably accomplished by Cindy and Ben Boers.  Ribbon judging occurred on Saturday morning and the OSRBG display earned a 3rd place ribbon amongst stiff competition.  Other ribbon winners are listed below.  Tear-down on Sunday afternoon went expeditiously with many hands’ assistance from Cindy, Ben, Lorna Mantle, Wendy Hearder-Moan, Jocelyn Webber, Lynda and PatVuurman.  Thank you Cindy, Lorna, Wendy, Jocelyn, Greta Culley, Linda Will and Ben for allowing your flowering orchids to be part of our display.
The next orchid show on the Fall tour will be held in Windsor the weekend of October 25th / 26th.  Please consider allowing your orchids to be part of the society display.  Groomed flowering orchids should be staked for their journey and can be left in the foyer of the greenhouse at the RBG until the evening of Thursday the 23rd.  They will be collected by the set-up crew early Friday morning for the trip to Windsor.  Please don’t forget to include two lists of your plants’ names and your name so we can be sure that yours will be returned to you.  A sticky label on the pot with your name on it is also helpful.  Thanks.

COOS ribbon winners:
1st for Paphiopedilum species, 3rd for Specimen Plant and Best Paphiopedilum: Linda Will for Paphiopedilum henryanum
1st for Brassia allied hybrid: Wendy Hearder-Moan for Beallara Eurostar
2nd for Lycaste species: Linda Will for Lycaste candida
2nd for Pleurothallis allied species: Lorna Mantle for Restrepia guttulata
2nd for Paphiopedilum hybrids: Cindy & Ben Boers for Paphiopedilum (Pulsar x Cyberspace) x charlesworthii
2nd for Ascocentrum allied hybrid: Cindy  & Ben Boers for Rumrillara Sugar Baby
3rd for pink Phalaenopsis hybrids: Greta Culley for Phaleanopsis hybrid
3rd for Vandas: Jocelyn Webber for Vanda Manuvadee
3rd for Brassia allied hybrid: Cindy & Ben Boers for Miltassia Dark Star ‘Orchidworks’
3rd for Masdevallia hybrids: Wendy Hearder-Moan for Masdevallia Malcolm Adams
3rd for Displays of orchids in bloom.

General Meeting: Sept. 21, 2014

bio_cyclorganicThe September meeting of the Orchid Society of the Royal Botanical Gardens will feature Ivan Milin, on the topic of Cyclorganic Fertilizer. Inspired by the space program, his vision is to transform organic waste into rich organic fertilizer in an environmentally-friendly recycling process. The meeting will take place at 2 p.m. in Room 5 at the Royal Botanical Gardens, 680 Plains Road W., Burlington, Ontario. (Room allocation subject to change; check the notice board upon arrival at the RBG.)