Monthly Archives: November 2020

General Meeting: Sunday December 20, 2020

Photo credit: Wendy Hearder-Moan

In the interest of coming as close as we can to a fun atmosphere such as we have had  at our in-person December meetings, this Zoom meeting will be a social event, with an opportunity for members to engage in conversation, to the extent possible. We encourage everyone to wear their festive togs and to have some Christmas treats and a preferred libation on hand for the meeting!

As usual at our Zoom meetings, we will have our virtual Orchid Show Table. Members may send in photos of plants that are in bloom in the month of December. Please include the ID information when you send in the photos to Rob Vanderheyden at To allow for as many members as possible to participate, we might have to limit the number of plants a member may show if there are lots of photos. However, this will be an expanded version of the Show Table. While Pat Vuurman will provide his usual informed commentary, we hope that members will also chime in to add some information about their plants and how they have grown them.

We are encouraging members, as well, to share how things are going while living through the Covid-19 pandemic and/or how your orchids have been doing. If you have a question about an orchid, there will be time to ask a question and hopefully someone in the meeting may have an answer. If you are willing to speak at the meeting, please let Rob know at so we have an idea of who will be actively participating.  This will allow us to organize a rough agenda so that we don’t have everyone trying to talk at once, and everyone who wants to speak will have a chance. We will also build in some flexibility for additional conversation.

Members will receive an invitation with the Zoom instructions. If you don’t receive one in a timely fashion, please contact Rob at the address above. (Could be a technical glitch.) The meeting starts at 2 pm but the doors will be open, so to speak, around 1:30 to allow everyone to get settled.

General Meeting: Sunday November 15, 2020

In keeping with recent practice, our November meeting will take place via Zoom, and members will be receiving an email invitation to attend. Contact Rob Vanderheyden at if you don’t receive one prior to the meeting (glitches do sometimes occur).

Mark Whelan will be our speaker for this meeting and his presentation is on Cypripediums. Mark is a retired professor of computer studies and a member of the Windsor Orchid Society for seven years. He is an Associate American Orchid Society Judge who has assisted with judging at our Annual Show and at AOS outreach judging events held at RBG and has spoken previously to our group. Mark grows Cymbidiums, Bulbophyllums, Cattleyas, Catasetum types, Cypripdiums and some miscellaneous orchids.

There will also be a virtual Show Table at our meeting. Please forward photos of your orchids currently in bloom to Rob Vanderheyden at the address noted above by 6 pm on Friday November 13.

The formal meeting starts at 2 pm but Rob will open the doors, so to speak, about 1:30 so you can sign on and chat with fellow members.