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Windsor Show Results


We took 23 plants to the Windsor Orchid Society show. We won 21 ribbons on the plants plus a 1st. for display.

Sherry and Peter Decyk had a great day as follows:

Coelogyne rochussenii won best of show, best in class and best specimen

1st Dendrobium Andree Millar
1st Xylobium variegatum
1st. Lc. Angel Heart ‘Ann’ X Lc. Puppy Love ‘Kuroda’
1st Bulb. Rothschildianum, also best in class
1st Cat. Bowringiana [High Blue x Blue Smoke HCC/AOS

Lynda and Pat Vuurman

3rd Howeara Chiam Tzy Lovely ‘Red Bug’
2nd Phrag. Peruflora’s Saltimbanco [ this plant was also pulled for AOS judging but not awarded at this time]
3rd Phrag. wallisii
2nd. Cymbidium sinese
3rd Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi

Wendy Hearder-Moan

2nd Beallara Eurostar [ this plant was also pulled for AOS judging but not awarded at this time]

Cindy and Ben Boers

2nd Paph. Pulsar X [Cyperspace x charlesworthii]
1st Galeandra liptoceras
3rd Paph Recovery
3rd Pot. Free Spirit x LC Golden Tangerine
1st. Dtps. Surf Song ‘mor’
1st. Phalenopsis [no name] Also Cindy got best in class for no name plants.


1st Bc. Deese Charles
2nd Bc. Deese Charles [specimen plant]
1st for Society display 15 to 25 plants.

Thanks to Wendy, Pat & Lynda, Sherry & Peter for supplying plants for the display. Also Pat & Lynda for helping with setup and take down.

Ben Boers