Monthly Archives: February 2021

General Meeting: Sunday March 28, 2021

Our March meeting will be a continuation, in a sense, of the January meeting which was very well-received. This time, Sandra Micucci, Rob Vanderheyden and Wendy Hearder-Moan will present photos of their orchid-growing areas and answer questions about their techniques and challenges. (The above photo is a sneak-preview of one of Rob Vanderheyden’s spaces.) This is a Zoom meeting, of course, and members will be receiving an invitation via email. Prospective guests should contact the Society at to find out about obtaining an invitation. The formal meeting starts at 2 p.m. and doors will open, so to speak, around 1:30 for members to get settled and socialize a bit before the meeting.

There will also be a virtual Show Table. Send your photos of orchids in bloom to by 7 pm on Friday March 19 to allow time for the power point to be assembled. Be sure to include your name and the name of the orchid, and if you like, some information about its parentage or how you grow it.

Memories of 2020 Orchid Show

If there were no pandemic, we would be setting up our show at the RBG about now with all the busy-ness that that entails. Here’s a google picture album that Rob Vanderheyden put together last year with the help of Pat Vuurman:
Enjoy the memory and let’s hope that next year will be better and we can set up and hold a show again.