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Advance Notice

This is advance notice that Jason Fischer of Orchids Limited in Plymouth MN will be speaking at the September 15th meeting of the Orchid Society of the Royal Botanical Gardens. Members of our Society and of neighbouring Societies are cordially invited to attend and can pre-order plants from him for pick-up at the meeting. He will also be bringing some plants with him for purchase.

Orchidists interested in ordering Appendix I orchids (certain species only, see the list below) from Jason Fischer for the September meeting are advised that the order deadline is July 15th.  All orchid hybrids and all other orchid species will have an order deadline in late August – please stay tuned for an update!
July 15 deadline:  Appendix I orchids are only species Paphiopedilum and Phragmipedium plus Aerangis ellisii, Cattleya jongheana, Cattleya lobata, Dendrobium cruentum, Mexipedium xerophyticum, Peristeria elata and Renanthera imschootiana.
Later in August deadline:  Appendix II orchids are all other species plus all orchid hybrids.
 Please order directly from the Orchids Limited web site If you are unsure about the CITES classification of a given plant, this information can be found in the description on the website. Eventually there will be a code on the website to select for orders pertaining to this meeting, but for the moment just mention it in the Notes section. There will be a 15% surcharge on pre-orders to cover the paperwork etc.