General Meeting: Sunday September 20, 2020

As noted last month, we continue to hold our meetings via ZOOM. Members should have received a message already with the link for the September meeting. If not, please contact Rob Vanderheyden or any member of the Executive for details on joining the meeting which will open at 1:30 p.m.

The September meeting will be on “The Road to the Red Cymbidium” and the speaker is Carol Butcher. Carol is a native of upstate N.Y., living near Rochester. She is the Program V.P. for the Genesee Region Orchid Society. As an accredited AOS judge for the Toronto Judging Center, she enjoys travelling throughout the USA and Canada to attend orchid events, and has frequently assisted with judging at the OSRBG Show. Her intermediate orchid collection includes a little of everything, and she grows under lights and on the window sill.

General Meeting: Sunday August 16, 2020

As a consequence of COVID-19, the Executive of the OSRBG has decided to hold meetings via the ZOOM platform for the foreseeable future. Our first venture will be on August 16, 2020. Members who have registered an email address with the Society will shortly receive an invitation to join this meeting online. It will be hosted by our speaker, Eric Sauer, from River Valley Orchids. Eric will give us some tips about buying orchids so that we can all become more savvy purchasers. The meeting will take place at the usual time, i.e. Sunday afternoon at 2 pm. Watch your email for details on how to download Zoom (if you have not already done so) and how to sign on to the meeting.

For those who don’t know Eric, here is a brief bio:

Eric has been growing orchids for 30 years and specializes in South American
Species.  He has spoken internationally and across the United States.  Eric
recently had a culture chapters published by Guido Braem in his book on
Paphiopedilums and his book on Phragmipediums.  He also has several of his
Maxillaria photos published in Eric Christenson’s book on Maxillaria.   Eric
has received over 85 awards from the American Orchid Society and has three
orchids named after him including two species from Ecuador.  He regularly
works with other Maxillaria aficionados around the world to better
understand the genus. Eric’s real job is as a registered landscape architect
and is the planning manager for Five Rivers MetroParks in Dayton, Ohio.

2020 Award Winners (39th Annual OSRBG Orchid Show)

Pat Vuurman, Head Judge, making a presentation to Terry Kennedy
(Photo: Rob Vanderheyden)

At a ceremony on Saturday February 29, 2020,  in the context of the 39th Annual Orchid Show, Royal Botanical Gardens,  awards were made and trophies handed out to the winners in various categories. We thank the sponsors of the awards and congratulate the winners as follows:


Display (6-15 plants): Anli’s Orchids (sponsored by Robert Vanderheyden)

Display (16-25 plants): OrchidsCanada and Daniel Scher (Evelyn Hearder Memorial Award, sponsored by Wendy Hearder-Moan)

Display (more than 25 plants): DiCiommo Orchids (Greta Culley Award)

Educational Display: Alexander Arts (Gavin Clark Award)

Amateur Award: Joyce Medcalf (sponsored by OSRBG)

Society Display (1-15 plants): Windsor Orchid Society (Jane and Robert Johnstone Award)

Society Display (more than 15 plants): London Orchid Society (Penelope Petrie Award)

Daniel Scher receiving one of several awards
(Photo: Rob Vanderheyden)


Cattleya Alliance Species (Classes 100-160): Chris and Conchita Varady for Laelia rubescens (Jean Allen-Ikeson Award)

Cattleya Hybrid (Classes 170-260): Eric and Ellen Lee, for Leptotes bicolor (Cindy and Ben Boers Award)

Paphiopedilum Species (Classes 270-292): Daniel Scher for Paphiopedilum wilhelminae ‘Drogon’ AM/AOS (Gary Schreiber Memorial Award)

Paphiopedilum Hybrid (Classes 300-370): Daniel Scher for Paphiopedilum (Chiu Hua Dancer x praestans) ‘Scher Ecstasy’ AM/AOS (Linda Will Award)

Phragmipedium Species (Classes 401-403): John Marcotte for Phragmipedium besseae ‘Mr. Phil’ (Anonymous donor)

Phragmipedium Hybrid (Classes 411-414): Daniel Scher for Phragmipedium Geralda ‘Warbird’ (Lynda and Pat Vuurman Award)

Phalaenopsis / Doritis Species (Class 430): Joe DiCiommo for Phalaenopsis amabilis var formosana 4N (This Side of Paradise Award)

Phalaenopsis Hybrid IPA (Classes 440-572): Synea Tan for Phalaenopsis Brother Sara Gold (Wilson Ng IPA Perpetual Award)

Vanda Alliance (Classes 580-690): Synea Tan for Rhynchorides Memoria Suranaree ‘Synea’ AM/AOS (Anonymous donor)

Oncidium Alliance (Classes 710-780): Wilson Ng for Rossioglossum Rawdon Jester ‘Maki’ AM-CCM/AOS (Orchids in our Tropics Award)

Cymbidium Alliance (Classes 790-810): Michael Hwang and Terry Kowalczuk for Cymbidium goeringii ‘Tama-no-Yubae’ (Anonymous donor)

Dendrobium Alliance (Classes 820-880): Synea Tan for Denrobium Mini Snowflake ‘Synea’ CCM/AOS (Chris and Conchita Varady Award)

Pleurothallid Alliance (Classes 890-920): Joyce Medcalf for Pleurothallis bivalvis ‘Hill Island’ CHM/AOS (Mario Ferrusi Memorial Award)

Lycaste (Class 930) : Doug and Terry Kennedy for Lycaste Red Jewel (Gerda Mros Memorial Award)

Maxillaria, Catasetum (Classes 940-960): Doug and Terry Kennedy for Galeopetalum Princess Huri (B-C Catasetenae Award)

Bulbophyllum & Miscellaneous Genera (Classes 970-990): Gavin Clark for Coelogyne cristata (Doris Jensen Memorial Award)

Best Miniature: Eric and Ellen Lee for Pomatocalpa brachybotyrum (OSRBG Award)

Specimen Plant (Class 1030): Gavin Clark for Coelogyne cristata (Al Parker Memorial and RBG Award)

Plant in Show (Class 1040): Gavin Clark for Coelogyne cristata (RBG and OSRBG Perpetual Award)

COC Trophy (Best Plant in OSRBG Display): Gavin Clark for Coelogyne cristata (COC Award)


Drawing / Painting / Mixed Media: Sayeh Beheshi for Dendrobium Chathaboon Sunrise (Anonymous donor)

Three Dimensional Craft: Karen Logan for Purple Drama (Alexander Rawana Paralegal Award)

Photograph / Digital Art / Print: John Alexander for Mocassin Flower (OSRBG Award)

**CANCELLED** General Meeting: Sunday March 29, 2020

Sorry, this meeting has been cancelled due to the temporary closure of RBG announced March 13, 2020.

Time for re-potting?

It’s our annual re-potting session! Note that the date of our March meeting is later in the month than usual, as RGB needs the room on our usual meeting date for March break activities.

As usual, we invite members, especially new members, to bring a plant that needs re-potting and get some assistance from the more experienced re-potters. You will also need to bring the pot that you plan to use for the plant, as well as your secateurs (and gloves if you like). Media for re-potting will be available. We meet in room 5, Royal Botanical Gardens, 680 Plains Rd. W. Burlington. The formal meeting starts at 2 pm but you are invited to arrive any time after 1 pm to socialize and interact with vendors.

We’ll also vote for the March “Orchid of the Month” so bring your best orchids in flower for the Show Table. Guests are welcome. If you thought about joining when you attended the orchid show, but were hesitant about jumping in, this is a good time to find out more.

Orchid of the Month: February 2020

Dendrobium senile

The OSRBG Orchid of the Month, as chosen by those voting at our February meeting, is Dendrobium senile, brought to the Show Table by Michael Chvedukas. Michael said he hadn’t owned it long enough to provide tips on growing it, but the Orchidspecies website tells us that art needs lower light in the wet summer and higher light in the dry winter with high humidity year-round. Its common names are White-haired dendrobium (note the fuzzy pseudobulbs) or Old Man Orchid. The flowers have a light lemony fragrance. Congratulations Michael, and thanks to all who voted.

General Meeting: Sunday February 16, 2020

The meeting on February 16 will be partly devoted to final preparations for our Annual Show. In addition, there will be an informal Q&A session with several of our more senior members stationed in different parts of the room so that members can gather around one or another of them to pose their questions to the appropriate person. Also, we will be voting for the “Orchid of the Month”, so bring your orchids in bloom for the show table. As usual, the formal part of the meeting begins at 2 pm, but you are invited to arrive any time after 1 pm to socialize and interact with vendors. The meeting takes place in Room 5, Royal Botanical Gardens, 680 Plains Road W., Burlington, ON. Members and guests welcome.

General Meeting: Sunday January 19, 2020

A team of AOS judges from the Toronto judging centre will be joining us at our general meeting. They will select the best plants from our show table to be judged, and will talk about the process involved. So clean your plants, stake them and bring them in. Who knows? You might be going home with an AOS awarded orchid. (NB, For this meeting we won’t be doing our ‘Orchid of the Month’ voting. This activity will resume next meeting.)

As usual, the meeting will begin at 2 p.m., with time for socializing and talking to vendors from 1 p.m. onwards. Important: If you have a plant or plants to be considered for judging, please bring them earlier rather than later, to give the judges ample time to look at them. The meeting will take place in Room 5, RBG, 680 Plains Road W., Burlington. Guests are welcome.

Auction and Holiday Social: Sunday December 15, 2019

Our annual orchid auction and holiday social will take the place of the usual meeting format on Sunday December 15, 2019. Members are asked to bring orchids and orchid-related items to be auctioned, finger foods to be enjoyed…and of course, cash to fund your auction wins! This is always a good opportunity to pick up something new for your collection, or possibly a gift for someone on your list. Note that there will be no “show and tell” table at this event. The auction takes place in room 5, Royal Botanical Gardens, 680 Plains Rd. W., Burlington, Ontario. It starts at 2 pm, but you are invited to arrive any time after 1 pm to socialize and interact with vendors. Members and guests welcome.

Orchid of the Month: November 2019

Masdevallia Razzle Dazzle ‘Pizzaz’

OSRBG’s first “Orchid of the Month” award —as chosen by the votes of members at the November meeting of the Society — goes to Masdevallia Razzle Dazzle ‘Pizzaz,’ brought to the Show Table by Chris Varady, C&C Orchids. As it’s an orchid that likes a cool environment, Chris grows it in the basement under LED lights of a “phalaenopsis-type” intensity. He waters it “whenever it gets dry” which usually works out to every 2nd day because it’s growing in a very porous medium composed mainly of LECA (lightweight expanded clay aggregate). He uses distilled water augmented with KelpMax at 1/5 strength with a bi-weekly flush of distilled water only. Obviously a regime that the plant appreciates! Congratulations on this award, Chris.

General Meeting: Sunday November 17, 2019

Mark Whelan – Photo Credit Chuck Lefaive

Our November speaker is Mark Whelan from the Windsor Orchid Society who will tell us about his trip to Medellin, Columbia for their annual orchid show. Mark is a third year AOS Judging student and a retired Computer Studies teacher . The meeting is scheduled to take place in Room 5, Royal Botanical Gardens, 680 Plains Rd. W., Burlington, Ontario. As usual, the formal meeting will start at 2 pm, but you are invited to arrive any time after 1 pm to socialize and interact with vendors. Members and guests welcome.