COOS Orchid Show


Our Society members did nicely at the 2016 COOS Show, with Sherry and Peter Decyk’s Epidendrum diffusum once again taking the prize for Best Laeliinae along with a first place ribbon and a 3rd in the specimen class. Their beautiful Dendochilum magnum ‘Champagne’ CCM/AOS and Oncidium ‘Sharry Baby’ both picked up second place ribbons and the Dendrochilum was second in the specimen class as well. Congratulations, Peter and Sherry!

Congratulations to Chris Varady too. His Epidendrum peperomia was entered as a separate display (on Pat Vuurman’s suggestion) and it was first in that display category with a second place ribbon for the plant itself.

RBG’s Pholidota imbricata got a first place ribbon and also a third in the specimen class. Two Brassavola nodosa plants were entered from the RBG collection and they won 2nd and 3rd respectively. Phragmipedium Cardinale ‘Kilworth’ AM/AOS merited a 3rd place ribbon this time around.

Other results were as follows:

Ben and Cindy Boers

Cattlianthe Barefoot Mailman – 3rd

Cattleya Walkerinter v. coerulea – 3rd

Gavin Clark

Oncidium (Dancer x Robert Dugger ’Unicorn Ruby’ Am/AOS – 1st

Dendrobium Hibiki –3rd

Xylobium varigatum –3rd

Gretta Culley

Cischeinfia pusilla – 2nd

Phragmipedium Hanne Popow – 3rd

Wendy Hearder-Moan

Phalaenopsis pulchra – 3rd

Pat and Lynda Vuurman

Cymbidium sinense –2nd

Linda Will

Paphiopedilum Dollgoldi – 1st

Paphiopedilum Rosy Dawn – 2nd

Paphiopedilum Great Inuyama –3rd

Phragmidpedium Carol Kanzer – 3rd

The exhibit itself received a 3rd place ribbon. Thanks go to Frank Washburn, Gavin Clark, Jacqui Arindell and Rob Vanderheyden who, along with myself, travelled to Cambridge to set up the exhibit. Frank, Gavin, Jacqui, Jim Johnston and I also dismantled the display and returned everything to the RBG greenhouse on Sunday night. A great team effort!

Wendy Hearder-Moan