General Meeting: Sunday October 16, 2016

vanilla   Vanilla!

Our speaker for this meeting is Ottawa orchidist Marilyn Light who will talk about the Orchids of Reunion Island which she describes as “an exciting and dynamic place”. The presentation is partly a travelog and partly a report on the cultivation of many kinds of Vanilla and an overview of the wild orchids that were growing/flowering during her visit. She will also introduce the challenges of weather and volcanic activity, sporadic disruptive events that fashion the life of orchids on that island. Educated as a microbiologist, Marilyn has raised orchids from seed and has registered more than 20 hybrids, of which three have received awards. She and her husband have been involved with conservation of terrestrial orchids since 1985, tracking individual plant behaviour, fecundity, and pest susceptibility/resistance.

The meeting will take place in Rooms 3 and 4 (note the change from our regular venue) at Royal Botanical Gardens, 680 Plains Road West, Burlington. The formal part of the meeting starts at 2 pm but you are invited to come any time after 1 pm to socialize and interact with vendors. Members and guests are welcome.

COOS Orchid Show


Our Society members did nicely at the 2016 COOS Show, with Sherry and Peter Decyk’s Epidendrum diffusum once again taking the prize for Best Laeliinae along with a first place ribbon and a 3rd in the specimen class. Their beautiful Dendochilum magnum ‘Champagne’ CCM/AOS and Oncidium ‘Sharry Baby’ both picked up second place ribbons and the Dendrochilum was second in the specimen class as well. Congratulations, Peter and Sherry!

Congratulations to Chris Varady too. His Epidendrum peperomia was entered as a separate display (on Pat Vuurman’s suggestion) and it was first in that display category with a second place ribbon for the plant itself.

RBG’s Pholidota imbricata got a first place ribbon and also a third in the specimen class. Two Brassavola nodosa plants were entered from the RBG collection and they won 2nd and 3rd respectively. Phragmipedium Cardinale ‘Kilworth’ AM/AOS merited a 3rd place ribbon this time around.

Other results were as follows:

Ben and Cindy Boers

Cattlianthe Barefoot Mailman – 3rd

Cattleya Walkerinter v. coerulea – 3rd

Gavin Clark

Oncidium (Dancer x Robert Dugger ’Unicorn Ruby’ Am/AOS – 1st

Dendrobium Hibiki –3rd

Xylobium varigatum –3rd

Gretta Culley

Cischeinfia pusilla – 2nd

Phragmipedium Hanne Popow – 3rd

Wendy Hearder-Moan

Phalaenopsis pulchra – 3rd

Pat and Lynda Vuurman

Cymbidium sinense –2nd

Linda Will

Paphiopedilum Dollgoldi – 1st

Paphiopedilum Rosy Dawn – 2nd

Paphiopedilum Great Inuyama –3rd

Phragmidpedium Carol Kanzer – 3rd

The exhibit itself received a 3rd place ribbon. Thanks go to Frank Washburn, Gavin Clark, Jacqui Arindell and Rob Vanderheyden who, along with myself, travelled to Cambridge to set up the exhibit. Frank, Gavin, Jacqui, Jim Johnston and I also dismantled the display and returned everything to the RBG greenhouse on Sunday night. A great team effort!

Wendy Hearder-Moan

General Meeting: Sunday September 18, 2016

Claudio Rossi The speaker for this meeting is Claudio Rossi of Cloud’s Orchids and his topic is Brassavola Nodosa and its hybrids. This presentation covers first generation breeding with the lovely “Lady of the Night” orchid. Interactions with different general within the Cattleya Alliance are also highlighted. Claudio Rossi has been growing orchids since 1974 and founded Cloud’s Orchids in 1990, providing locally flask-raised orchids to other nurseries and the general public worldwide. He has a background in horticulture and is and AOS orchid judge with senior status. Orchids may be ordered for delivery at the meeting by using the form on Cloud’s  website. The meeting is in Room 5, Royal Botanical Gardens, 680 Plains Road West, Burlington. The formal part of the meeting starts at 2 p.m. but you are invited to arrive any time after 1 p.m. to socialize and interact with vendors.  Members and guests welcome.

General Meeting: Sunday August 21, 2016

IMGP6891 (Medium)

Our speaker for the August meeting is Joe Di Ciommo, a long-time member of OSRBG. His topic is “Blooming a Phalaenopsis in three years from seed”.  The meeting will take place in Room 5, Royal Botanical Gardens, 680 Plains Road West, Burlington, Ontario. Members and guests are welcome. The formal meeting starts at 2 p.m. Come any time from 1 p.m. to socialize and talk with vendors.

Annual Picnic: July 17, 2016

The Annual Picnic / BBQ for members and their significant others will be held Sunday July 17, 2016 at Drew and Jacquie Goddard’s home, starting at 2 p.m.  BBQ basics provided by the Society, but salads and desserts are always welcome, as well as raffle plants if you have any.  Remember to bring a chair if you can. For more information, check the latest Orchidata or use the “contact us” feature on the webpage.

AGM: Sunday June 12, 2016

Strawberry shortcake

The Society’s Annual General Meeting will take place in traditional fashion, which is to say, a short business meeting following by a more lengthy period of socializing. Bring your plants for the “swap and sale” and finger foods for the “Strawberry Social”.  Formal meeting starts at 2 p.m. and the place is Room 5, Royal Botanical Gardens, 680 Plains Road West, Burlington.

General Meeting: Sunday May 15, 2016


Tom Sampliner, a naturalist from Cuyahoga County, Ohio, will speak on the topic “Orchids, other wildflowers and rugged scenery of Western China”. He spent two weeks on a plant-hunting expedition last summer that was guided by resident orchidologist Dr. Holger Perner and his wife.  The presentation will include images of flowering plants, especially orchids, and the habitats where they are found, as well as some general sightseeing. The meeting will take place in Room 5, Royal Botanical Gardens, 680 Plains Road W., Burlington. The formal part of the meeting begins at 2 p.m. You are invited to come any time after 1 p.m. to socialize and talk to vendors. Members and guests welcome.




TAOA Orchid Show


Toronto Artistic Orchid Association (TAOA) Show – April 9-10, 2016

Frank Washburn, Gavin Clark, Steven Ng and Wendy Hearder-Moan set up a display for the OSRBG consisting of 30 plants of which 16 were ribbon winners. Special congratulations to June Cramer whose Oncidium hybrid merited an award as Best Oncidium. RBG’s Guarianthe guatemalensis also received a 3rd place ribbon in the specimen class.


Royal Botanical Gardens Collection

Oncidium altissimum – 1st

Schombugkia tibicinis – 2nd

Guarianthe guatemalensis – 1st (and 3rd in specimen plant class)


June Cramer

Oncidium hybrid – 1st (and Best Oncidium Award)

Cattleya intermedia – 2nd

Odontonia Janice Miller ‘Powder Puff’ x Odontonia (Drummer Joe x Picotee) ‘Fuchia Frame’ – 2nd

Sarcochilus hartmanii (white) – 1st

Sarcochilus hartmanii (pink) – 2nd


Lynda and Pat Vuurman

Phalaenopsis I-Hsin Paprika ’Wilson’s Choice’ AM/AOS – 2nd

Linda Will

Phragmipedium besseae – 1st

Phragmipedium China Dragon (Grande x besseae x flavum) – 2nd

Paphiopedilum Joseito (Nike’s Sunny Delight x Pinocchio) – 2nd

Brassocattleya Memoria Vida Lee (Bc. Binosa xC. Brazilian Treasure) – 2nd

Brassolaelia Yello Bird (Brassavola nodosa x Bl. Richard Mueller) – 2nd

Phragmipedium Sedenii (longifolium x schlimii) – 3rd

Phragmipedium Eric Young (besseae x longifolium) – 3rd


The display itself received a third place ribbon. Thanks to everyone who helped with the display and who contributed orchids for the exhibit.

General Meeting: April 17, 2016


With OrchidFest coming up soon in Tobermory, this is an excellent time to learn about Ontario’s native orchids. Charlotte Moore, a long-time member of OSRBG, will discuss the orchids she has seen on her travels in this province. The formal meeting starts at 2 p.m., but come any time after 1 p.m. to socialize and interact with vendors. The meeting takes place in Room 5, Royal Botanical Gardens, 680 Plains Road W., Burlington, Ontario. Members and guests welcome.

Award Winners – 2016

P1060089 (2)

At the Awards Ceremony on Saturday, February 27, 2016, trophies and awards were presented in various categories. We congratulate the winners and thank the sponsors of the awards as follows:


Display, 6-15 plants : won by Sherry & Peter Decyk & Dr. Bussie (Ravenvision Award, Jay Norris)

Display, 16-25 plants: won by Orchids in our Tropics (Evelyn Hearder Memorial Award, Wendy Hearder-Moan)

Display, more than 25 plants: won by Orchid Society of the RBG (Donated by Bernie Butts)

Educational display: won by Flora Peculia, Terry Kowalchuk (Anonymous donation)

Amateur display: won by Joyce Medcalf (Donated by Penelope Petrie)

Society display, 1-15 plants: won by Windsor Orchid Society (Donated by Jane and Robert Johnstone)

Society display, more than 15 plants: won by Southern Ontario Orchid Society (Donated by Sandra Micucci)

Junior display (under 19 years): no entries


Cattleya Alliance Species (Classes 100-160): won by Crystal Star for Epidendrum floribundum (Windsor Greenhouse Award, Jean Allen-Ikeson)

Cattleya Hybrid (Classes 170-260): won by Wilson Ng for Blc. Young-Min Orange ‘Golden Satisfaction’ (Cindy and Ben Boers Award)

Paphiopedilum Species (Classes 270-292): won by a member of COOS for Paphiopdilum liemianum (Gary Schreiber Memorial Award, donated by Jocelyn Webber)

Paphiopedilum Hybrid (Classes 300- 370): won by Wilson Ng for Paphiopedilum (Hungsheng Flame x Hsinying Bee) (Linda Will Award)

Phragmipedium Species (Classes 401-403): won by Robert Johnstone for Phragmipedium tetzlaffianum (Award donated by Gavin Clark)

Phragmidedium Hybrid (Classes 411-414): won by Jim Kendall, Central Ontario Orchid Society for Phragmipedium Cardinale (Lynda and Pat Vuurman Award)

Cypripedium Alliance (Class 420): no entries

Phalaenopsis / Doritis Species (Class 430): won by Joe Di Ciommo for Phalaenopsis amabilis v. formosanum 4N (Donated by This Side of Paradise, Drew Goddard)

Phalaenopsis Hybrid (Classes 440-572): won by Joe Di Ciommo for Phalaenopsis Sogo Jessica ‘2570’ (Wilson Ng IPA Perpetual Award)

Vanda Alliance (Classes 580-690): won by Wilson Ng for Rhynchostylis gigantea ‘Wilson’s Choice’ (OSRBG Award)

Brassia (Class 700): no entries

Oncidium Alliance (Classes 710-780): won by Crystal Star for Bapticidium Hwuluduen Bee ‘Wasp’ (Donated by Orchids in our Tropics, Doug Kennedy)

Cymbidium Alliance (Classes 790-810): won by Wilson Ng for Cymbidium Eastern Wind ‘Wilson’s Choice’ (Donated by Joyce Medcalf)

Dendrobium Alliance (Classes 820-880): won by Rob Gardiner for Dendrobium To My Kids Smile (Sherry and Peter Decyk Award)

Pleurothallid Alliance (Classes 890-920): won by Joyce Medcalf for Masdevallia excelsior ‘Hill Island’ (Audrey Travis Memorial Award, donated by Ray Travis)

Lycaste (Class 930): won by Deb Boersma, Windsor Orchid Society for Lycaste Concentration (Gerda Mros Memorial Award)

Maxillaria, Catasetum (Classes 940-960): won by a member of the Ottawa Orchid Society for Fredclarkeara After Dark ‘SVO Black Pearl’ (Doris Jensen Award)

Bulbophyllum and Miscellaneous General (Classes 970-990): won by Brenda Aarts, London Orchid Society for Gongora fulva (Doris Jensen Award)

Best Specimen Plant (Class 1030): won by OSRBG for Ansellia africana (Donated by RBG)

Best Plant in Show (Class 1040): won by James Kendall, Central Ontario Orchid Society for Phragmipedium Cardinale (RBG and OSRBG Perpetual Award)

AOS Trophy (Best Display in Show): won by Orchids in our Tropics, Terry and Doug Kennedy (donated by OSRBG)

COC Trophy (Best Plant in OSRBG display): won by June Cramer for Cymbidium Camelard ‘Sunshine’ (donated by OSRBG)


Painting/Mixed Media: won by Zorica Krasulja for White Cattleya (Penny Lipcsik Award)

Watercolour / Botanicals: no entries

Three Dimensional Craft: won by Karen Logan for Paphiopedilum (Charlotte Moore Award)

Photograph / Digital Art: won by Jay Norris (Phyllis and Scott Milne Award)

Junior Artist: no entries