Orchid Show Dates 2019/2020

In case you want to persuade your orchids to bloom at exactly the right time (Good luck with that!), here are the dates of Shows at which our Society intends to enter displays–and for which we will be requesting members to lend their plants:

Central Ontario Orchid Society (COOS) – September 28-29, 2019

Windsor Orchid Society – October 26-27, 2019

Southern Ontario Orchid Society (SOOS) – February 8-9, 2020

Orchid Society of the Royal Botanical Gardens (OSRBG) – February 29-March 1, 2020

London Orchid Society – March 21-22, 2020

Toronto Artistic Orchid Association (TAOA) – April 18-19, 2020

Ottawa Orchid Society – April 25-26, 2020

The usual procedure is to request members to bring their orchids to the RBG greenhouse on the THURSDAY preceding the show. Orchids should be free of bugs, staked for safe travel and be properly identified as to their own name and their owner’s name, with two lists so that they can be registered for the show and returned to the correct box after the show.

General Meeting: Sunday August 18, 2019

At the August meeting, a panel composed of the following members will be available to answer your questions about orchid culture: Drew Goddard (Phalaenopsis), Ben Boers (Cattleya), Chris Varady (Dendrobium), Rob Vanderheyden (Catasetum) and Pat Vuurman (Paphiopedilum and Phragmipedium). Maybe you don’t have questions, but you have tips of your own to pass along based on your experience as a grower. Great! Moderator Lynda Vuurman will, in her sole discretion, award raffle tickets for meritorious suggestions. This is also an opportunity to interact with the Society executive by proposing names of speakers you would like to hear at future meetings, topics that interest you, and other input of a constructive nature. The meeting will take place in room 5 (subject to confirmation), Royal Botanical Gardens, 680 Plains Road W., Burlington, Ontario. The formal meeting begins at 2 pm but you are invited to arrive any time after 1 pm to socialize and interact with vendors. Members and guests welcome.

Annual Picnic: Sunday July 28, 2019

The Annual OSRBG Picnic/BBQ  will be held at Nancy’s home in Dundas. Arrival is any time after noon.  Members and significant others are invited.  Address information has been sent to all members via email.  If other details are needed, please contact any member of the Executive. “Basics” (hamburgers and sausages) are being provided by the Society, but members are invited to bring salads, desserts etc. to supplement the menu. Plants or other orchid-related items for the raffle are  appreciated. Lawn chairs are also  a good idea!

Advance Notice

This is advance notice that Jason Fischer of Orchids Limited in Plymouth MN will be speaking at the September 15th meeting of the Orchid Society of the Royal Botanical Gardens. Members of our Society and of neighbouring Societies are cordially invited to attend and can pre-order plants from him for pick-up at the meeting. He will also be bringing some plants with him for purchase.

Orchidists interested in ordering Appendix I orchids (certain species only, see the list below) from Jason Fischer for the September meeting are advised that the order deadline is July 15th.  All orchid hybrids and all other orchid species will have an order deadline in late August – please stay tuned for an update!
July 15 deadline:  Appendix I orchids are only species Paphiopedilum and Phragmipedium plus Aerangis ellisii, Cattleya jongheana, Cattleya lobata, Dendrobium cruentum, Mexipedium xerophyticum, Peristeria elata and Renanthera imschootiana.
Later in August deadline:  Appendix II orchids are all other species plus all orchid hybrids.
 Please order directly from the Orchids Limited web site www.orchidweb.com. If you are unsure about the CITES classification of a given plant, this information can be found in the description on the website. Eventually there will be a code on the website to select for orders pertaining to this meeting, but for the moment just mention it in the Notes section. There will be a 15% surcharge on pre-orders to cover the paperwork etc.

AGM and Strawberry Social: Sunday June 23, 2019

All OSRBG members are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting on Sunday June 23, 2019 in Room 5, Royal Botanical Gardens, 680 Plains Road W., Burlington Ontario. The meeting starts at 2 pm but you are invited to arrive any time after 1 pm to socialize and interact with vendors. Following the business meeting, there will be more time for socializing over strawberry-themed treats. Contributions to the pot-luck are appreciated (finger food only, please). Also, if you have orchid plants to sell or trade, this is a good opportunity to do so.

Meeting Dates 2019-2020

Usually our meetings are on the 3rd Sunday of the month but sometimes this schedule has to be altered because of holidays or because RBG requires the room for other activities. Here is a list of upcoming meeting dates as far as they are known at present.

August 18, 2019 – Round Table Discussion

September 15, 2019 – Jason Fischer (details to follow)

October 20, 2019 – Calvin Cho (details to follow)

November 17, 2019 – Mark Whelan (details to follow)

December 15, 2019 – Auction and Christmas Social

January 19, 2020

February 16, 2020

Annual Show: February 28, 29, March 1

March 29, 2020

April 19, 2020

May 24, 2020

June 28, 2020

July – Date to be announced – President’s picnic

August 16, 2020

September 20, 2020

October 18, 2020

November 15, 2020

December 20, 2020 – Auction and Christmas Social

General Meeting: Sunday May 26, 2019

Our speaker for the May meeting is Ed Cott, a well-known Orchid Judge from the Windsor area and one of the founding members of the Windsor Orchid Society. Ed’s talk is entitled “Bioped – The High-Tech Terrarium”. The meeting will take place in Room 5 (subject to confirmation) Royal Botanical Gardens, 680 Plains Road West, Burlington, Ontario. The formal meeting starts at 2 pm but you are invited to arrive any time after 1 pm to socialize and interact with vendors. Members and guests welcome.

General Meeting: Sunday April 28, 2019


Our speaker for the April meeting will be Dan Doucette, aka”travellerdan”, a horticulturist, traveler and nature photographer. As the nickname suggests, Dan has travelled extensively in Central and South America, Africa, the Himalayas etc., observing and photographing flora and fauna. On this occasion he will be speaking about “Wild orchids of Panama and Costa Rica”. You can view more of his photos at https://www.instagram.com/travellerdan/. As usual, the formal meeting will start at 2 pm but you are invited to arrive any time after 1 pm to socialize and interact with vendors. The meeting takes place in room 5, Royal Botanical Gardens, 680 Plains Road W., Burlington, Ontario. Members and guests welcome.

2019 Award Winners (OSRBG 38th Annual Orchid Show)

P1060089 (2)At the Awards Ceremony on Saturday, February 23, 2019, trophies and awards
were presented in various categories. We congratulate the winners and thank the
sponsors of the awards as follows:

Display, 6-15 plants : won by C & C Orchids (Ravenvision Award, Jay Norris)
Display, 16-25 plants: won by Orchids Canada (Evelyn Hearder Memorial Award,
Wendy Hearder-Moan)
Display, more than 25 plants: won by Di Ciommo Orchids (Donated by Bernie
Educational display: won by Alexander Arts (Donated by OSRBG)
Amateur display: won by Joyce Medcalf (Donated by Penelope Petrie)
Society display, 1-15 plants: won by Windsor Orchid Society (Donated by Jane and
Robert Johnstone)
Society display, more than 15 plants: won by Southern Ontario Orchid Society
(Donated by Robert Vanderheyden)
Junior display (under 19 years): no entries

Cattleya Alliance Species (Classes 100-160): won by John Marcotte, Orchids
Canada for Sophronitis coccinea (Windsor Greenhouse Award, Jean Allen-Ikeson)
Cattleya Hybrid (Classes 170-260): won by Di Ciommo Orchids for Blc. Green
Bird (Cindy and Ben Boers Award)
Paphiopedilum Species (Classes 270-292): won by John Marcotte for
Paphiopdilum haynaldianum ‘Charlie’ HCC/AOS (Gary Schreiber Memorial
Award, donated by Jocelyn Webber)
Paphiopedilum Hybrid (Classes 300- 370): won by Daniel Scher for
Paphiopedilum Prince Edward of York (Linda Will Award)

Phragmipedium Species (Classes 401-403): won by Synea Tan, SOOS, for
Phragmipedium humboldtii (Anonymous donor)
Phragmidedium Hybrid (Classes 411-414): won by Dr. Bussie for Phragmipedium
After Glow (Lynda and Pat Vuurman Award)
Cypripedium Alliance (Class 420): no entries
Phalaenopsis / Doritis Species (Class 430): won by Joe Di Ciommo for
Phalaenopsis amabilis v. formosanum 4N (Donated by This Side of Paradise, Drew
Phalaenopsis Hybrid (Classes 440-572): won by Joe Di Ciommo for Phalaenopsis
Gan Lin Sun Flower (Wilson Ng IPA Perpetual Award)
Vanda Alliance (Classes 580-690): won by Peter & Sherry Decyk for Aerides leena
(Anonymous donor)
Brassia (Class 700): no entries
Oncidium Alliance (Classes 710-780): won by Ted & Charlene Kretz, Niagara
Region Orchid Society for Oncidium Pagan Love Song ‘Chocolate Thunder’HC
(Donated by Orchids in our Tropics, Doug Kennedy)
Cymbidium Alliance (Classes 790-810): won by Di Ciommo Orchids for Ansellia
africana (Anonymous donor)
Dendrobium Alliance (Classes 820-880): won by John Marcotte for Dendrobium
Aussie’s Chip ‘Charlie’ CCE/AOS (Award donated by C & C Orchids)
Pleurothallid Alliance (Classes 890-920): won by Joyce Medcalf for Pleurothallis
bivalvis ‘Hill Island’ CHM/AOS (Mario Ferrusi Memorial Award)
Lycaste (Class 930): won by Rick Rempel for Anguloa dubia (Gerda Mros
Memorial Award)
Maxillaria, Catasetum (Classes 940-960): won by Rob Vanderheyden for
Fredclarkara (Mo. Painted Desert x Ctsm. Alexa) (Doris Jensen Award)

Bulbophyllum and Miscellaneous General (Classes 970-990): won by Ted &
Charlene Kretz, Niagara Region Orchid Society for Ludisia discolor (Doris Jensen
Best Specimen Plant (Class 1030): won by Di Ciommo Orchids for Phalaenopsis
Hornglyn Gentle (Donated by RBG)
Best Plant in Show (Class 1040): won by Peter & Sherry Decyk for Aerides leeana
(RBG and OSRBG Perpetual Award)
COC Trophy (Best Plant in OSRBG display): won by Gavin Clark for Coelogyne
cristata (donated by OSRBG)
Painting/Mixed Media: won by Christy Graham for Avelyn (Anonymous donor)
Watercolour / Botanicals: won by Susanne Matheson for Phalaenopsis Yu Oin
Peach girl Cultivar (donated by OSRBG)
Three Dimensional Craft: No award made
Photograph / Digital Art: won by Ed Cott for Cryptochilussanguineus “Marni’s
Cardinal” HCC/AOS (Anonymous donor)
Junior Artist: No award made

General Meeting: Sunday March 24, 2019

Repotting made easy (well, easier…) A special invitation to orchid enthusiasts who came to the Show a few weeks ago and would like to learn more about repotting their orchids, and of course also to our current members: if you have a plant and are wondering whether or not to repot, bring it to the meeting and our experts, Pat Vuurman and Ben Boers, will give you excellent advice and assistance. If you have nothing to repot, you can help with repotting specimens from the RBG Greenhouse. Orchid media will be provided; you will need to bring pots, secateurs, and gloves if desired. The meeting takes place at RBG headquarters, 680 Plains Road W., Burlington Ontario, in room 5 (subject to confirmation). The formal meeting starts at 2 pm but you are invited to come anytime after 1 pm to socialize and interact with vendors. Members and guests welcome.