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More from Wendy August 30

Ben has suggested working on one page at a time, which seems like a reasonable suggestion. However, I have just been looking at the article that Jim Brasch did on the New World Orchid Collection. I copied it into Word and did a heavy edit on it, which I have just sent to Jim for his comments.  As I said to him in my cover letter, his article seemed to be written with an agenda in mind –that of spurring the RBG to pay more attention and devote more resources to the orchid collection–but since our site is targeted at the general public and our own members, a more general discussion of the collection seems more appropriate. I hope you agree.  I expect that it will take a while for him to get back to me, so we can look at this page in more detail later.

From Wendy August 30

1. Judging – I agree it would be nice to have a permanent record of show results in one place. Can we include the results of our own Show or is that what you were wanting to get from Peter Poote?

2. If we have an address for the webmaster, it’s probably a good idea for one person to have the job of monitoring it and farming out any questions to the appropriate person. If everyone is supposed to check, it’s not surprising that no one does.

3. Looking at the native orchids page, the first part seems to have transferred over well, but the chart is garbled. Do we need both components, Linda? If so, could you take another stab at this, Drew? Weird the table looks fine on my computer. could you explain  or send me a screen shot

4. We have access to lots of photos thanks to Bob Gibbon, Denise, Drew and myself and probably others who are interested in photography, but you are right we do need to acknowledge where each one comes from. If we want to use the photos from the old site, we need to carry over the acknowledgement.

From Linda Will – August 30

I will be happy to participate in this working group anywhere I can.


  1. Did not know there were 20 email addresses associated with this account (more communication needed)
  2. Show Judging needs to be gone – we have not had access to this for many years now – it stopped a year or two when I was doing the newsletter – I asked Peter Poote many years ago about this and got no help  – I would suggest if you want to keep some kind of results for the shows on the website put the results of our society for the different shows there.
  3. As to email access – we have a gmail account which all exec’s  are supposed to check and answer regularly (I gave everyone the password a long time ago) – No one bothers to check this – I try to keep it cleaned out once and a while but I don’t think it works very well.
  4. Drew:  Re: show registration – Show people go to the website and enter their plants with the drop down boxes – when done they submit their entries and it goes to Robert Brown’s email address (he no longer wishes to participate) – it also goes to Robert Johnstone and myself – from there Robert Brown entered all the entries in the show programme on his computer (one person needs to control this)  – Robert J and myself were for backup purposes – this is not an ideal situation but we worked within the constraints of the old, old programme for the website – registration has been a big problem for many years – no one really is sure how to fix this.
  5. I think native orchids needs to stay – over the years I have had feedback from people all over the world liking the native orchid section – also if you read different sites on the web regarding orchids there are referrals to our webpage regarding the native orchid sections – we are one of the few who have gone to the trouble of having this section available.
  6. Wendy:  Re:  copyrighted pictures – I would suggest you not use any pictures that you don’t have permission from the person who took the photo – if you click on the pictures on the old website you will see the name of the person who took the picture and the link at the bottom takes you to the link page where you will find email address for them – in this case Jean Allen-Ikeson  and Peter Croezen.
  7. Wendy – maybe a webinar? – not sure what it’s called but something where we can all talk or meet somewhere?




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  1. Collaboration Process

    Did I get us started on the wrong foot here by adding Linda’s comments and my answer the way I did? Thinking of the other wordpress site I sometimes use, I guess we should use the comment box and add comments one at a time, with a subject heading to allow others to follow the thread. At least, that’s what I’m trying now.

    1. Collaboration process
      Well, I don’t think this is working quite like I thought it would, as the program seems to jumble up my comments. Maybe the best way is to put our comments on the bottom of each relevant page, as I guess Drew initially intended us to. Just use this page for comments relating to the entire site. OK?
      I have removed my comments about the Native Orchids page and moved them there.

  2. As for the New World Orchid Collection, there is a lot of info that is incorrect. RBG’s stand on items on this page have been changed by RBG. Note to our recent meetings with Carlo on a new agreement.

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