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Orchid of the Month: November 2019

Masdevallia Razzle Dazzle ‘Pizzaz’

OSRBG’s first “Orchid of the Month” award —as chosen by the votes of members at the November meeting of the Society — goes to Masdevallia Razzle Dazzle ‘Pizzaz,’ brought to the Show Table by Chris Varady, C&C Orchids. As it’s an orchid that likes a cool environment, Chris grows it in the basement under LED lights of a “phalaenopsis-type” intensity. He waters it “whenever it gets dry” which usually works out to every 2nd day because it’s growing in a very porous medium composed mainly of LECA (lightweight expanded clay aggregate). He uses distilled water augmented with KelpMax at 1/5 strength with a bi-weekly flush of distilled water only. Obviously a regime that the plant appreciates! Congratulations on this award, Chris.

General Meeting: Sunday November 17, 2019

Mark Whelan – Photo Credit Chuck Lefaive

Our November speaker is Mark Whelan from the Windsor Orchid Society who will tell us about his trip to Medellin, Columbia for their annual orchid show. Mark is a third year AOS Judging student and a retired Computer Studies teacher . The meeting is scheduled to take place in Room 5, Royal Botanical Gardens, 680 Plains Rd. W., Burlington, Ontario. As usual, the formal meeting will start at 2 pm, but you are invited to arrive any time after 1 pm to socialize and interact with vendors. Members and guests welcome.